Questions about PyPI vs GitHub and a port's name

Davide Liessi davide.liessi at
Tue Jan 27 09:07:14 PST 2015

Dear Peter,

thanks for your answers.

Il 27/01/15 16.32, Peter Danecek ha scritto:
> I personally prefer PyPI where possible. Often the downloadable
> packages vary slightly, and the PyPI packages go through some release
> process, while GitHub tarballs are often auto generated from the repo
> tags. Also the PyPI package usually corresponds to what people would
> get, when installing with pip or easy_install. Occasionally however,
> there is a good reason to prefer the GitHub version, mostly because
> something was accidentally omitted from the PyPI package.

I think that I'll change py-python-poppler-qt4 to use PyPI.

>> Should I change the name of py-python-poppler-qt4 to
>> py-poppler-qt4?
> I believe there is no explicit policy on this and you will find both
> schemes amount existing ports. So port naming is mostly up to the
> maintainer. I would rather prefer the shortened  version, as the
> "py-" prefix already implies "python". I tend to omit such
> "py"/"python" parts when they appear in the original name, while
> others might argue, it is better to stick with the original name.
> Some extra hints might be taken from root module naming, which rarely
> would include "python" to the name.

Indeed python-poppler-qt4 is imported with `import popplerqt4`.
Do you think that it is worth renaming the port?

Best wishes.

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