how about a port containing the missing bits from Apple's LLVM toolchain?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Jan 28 08:56:22 PST 2015


I'm using KDevelop a lot these days, and have thus been ogling the kdev-clang plugin that brings llvm/clang integration to that IDE.
Ideally I'd build that against the Apple-provided toolchain, just to prevent having to have multiple copies of the same version of the toolchain. There's also the issue of speed; in my testing, macports-clang-3.4 was significantly slower than all other compilers I had installed, whereas Apple's clang-3.4 was considerably faster than those same compilers. I have little reason to assume that situation is different with clang 3.5 .

Problem is, building kdev-clang requires llvm-config and the headers from clang-c, which Apple doesn't ship.

I've tried to download the llvmCore bundle from and get the components from there, but failed.

So I've wondered: would it be possible to provide the missing components from the current Apple toolchain through a port, so that one can build 3rd party software against that toolchain? kdev-clang wouldn't be the only "client" to benefit: one can also think of 3rd party debugger front ends, etc.


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