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Tue Jan 27 15:54:36 PST 2015

lot of work, and hopefully either myself, or some other fearless
developers, will be able to keep it up and maintain it after the summer is


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<div dir=3D"ltr"><div>Hey Ian, Ren<span style=3D"font-size:12.8000001907349=
px;white-space:nowrap">=C3=A9, and Kevin,</span></div><div>=C2=A0</div><blo=
ckquote class=3D"gmail_quote" style=3D"margin:0px 0px 0px 0.8ex;border-left=
ng-left:1ex"><span style=3D"font-size:12.8000001907349px">Well, Kyle, if yo=
u are interested, I could send you the code of Fossick and a</span><br styl=
e=3D"font-size:12.8000001907349px"><span style=3D"font-size:12.800000190734=
9px">specification/design document.=C2=A0 You would be welcome to re-use an=
y of it or</span><br style=3D"font-size:12.8000001907349px"><span style=3D"=
font-size:12.8000001907349px">any of the ideas contained in it</span></bloc=
kquote><div><br></div><div>=C2=A0Thanks for the offer, Ian! I&#39;m working=
 on getting the darn thing to compile on modern versions of OS X first, the=
n I&#39;ll be considering different options and moving forward there. I&#39=
;ll definitely keep your offer in mind, and I&#39;ll make sure to reach out=
 to the community before I do anything too crazy to make sure it&#39;s what=
 we really want/need. :)</div><div><br></div><blockquote class=3D"gmail_quo=
te" style=3D"margin:0px 0px 0px 0.8ex;border-left-width:1px;border-left-col=
or:rgb(204,204,204);border-left-style:solid;padding-left:1ex"><span style=
=3D"font-size:12.8000001907349px">I think that such a GUI should not be alo=
ne. It must be complemented (and maybe even preceded) by a launcher, akin t=
o the tools providing &quot;Start Button&quot; like functionality on Linux =
desktops, but that would sit in the Dock on OS X.</span></blockquote><div><=
br></div><div>Interesting idea, Ren<span style=3D"font-size:12.800000190734=
9px;white-space:nowrap">=C3=A9. I&#39;ll make sure to keep it in mind!</spa=
n></div><div><span style=3D"font-size:12.8000001907349px;white-space:nowrap=
"><br></span></div><blockquote class=3D"gmail_quote" style=3D"margin:0px 0p=
x 0px 0.8ex;border-left-width:1px;border-left-color:rgb(204,204,204);border=
-left-style:solid;padding-left:1ex"><span style=3D"font-size:12.80000019073=
49px">It would be great if Pallet developed into a viable, ongoing GUI clie=
nt for the MacPorts project. My guess is that it will need a lot of work, a=
nd ongoing maintenance from a single owner or team, to get there.</span></b=
lockquote><div><br></div><div>From what I can tell, you&#39;re pretty much =
on the money, Kevin. It&#39;ll be a lot of work, and hopefully either mysel=
f, or some other fearless developers, will be able to keep it up and mainta=
in it after the summer is over.=C2=A0</div><div><br></div><div><br></div><d=


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