[136002] trunk/base/doc/porthier.7

petr 976F at ingv.it
Sat May 9 11:27:41 PDT 2015

[resend to list]

Sorry, I updated the commit message just after the commit was done. But this updated is not push. 

I committed, this change, because it will be effective only after release and it is probably the only reason why ports use that path to install examples in the first place. I am not aware of any other document mentioning it. 
BTW: Does this change require a entry in the changelog?

On 9 May 2015, at 17:20, Lawrence Velázquez <larryv at macports.org> wrote:

> On May 9, 2015, at 11:18 AM, Lawrence Velázquez <larryv at macports.org> wrote:
>> Why? Some ports still install to share/examples.
> Never mind, just saw #23280.
> vq

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