libjpeg vs. libjpeg-turbo

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri May 22 05:25:53 PDT 2015

On Friday May 22 2015 13:03:17 Russell Jones wrote:

> MP does experimental with local port repos, I guess. Ports seem to vary 

I also use my local port repo for hanging on to older versions or otherwise overriding things I'm not comfortable with, so anything between the opposite to and an elaboration of experimental :)

For Debian/Ubuntu I was more thinking of the per-update urgency setting. There have been quite a few kernel updates for Ubuntu 14.04LTS for instance, most of which addressed only minor things sometimes even for non-Intel architectures and thus had low urgency status. Kernel updates take a lot of time on my system, which is why I tried to configure things so that low-urgency updates are skipped by default.


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