buildports-snowleopard-x86_64 buildbot is broken

David Evans devans at
Sat May 23 13:32:55 PDT 2015

I'm not sure how long this has been going on but this buildbot is 
silently failing in the compile phase with the following stdout

> Warning: not using chroot
> File 'portlist' not found
> Usage: ./mpab [help | mount | umount | shell | buildmp [RELEASE_FILE] | rebuildmp [RELEASE_FILE] |
>             buildports [portlist_file]]
>     help:        this help
>     mount:       just mount the chroot images
>     umount:      unmount the chroot images
>     shell:       start an interactive shell in the chroot
>     buildmp:     build/install MacPorts inside the chroot
>     rebuildmp:   force a rebuild of MacPorts inside the chroot
>     buildports:  build ports; if a portlist file is given, use it, otherwise
>                  build all; portlist_file is a simple text file with one port
>                  per line; dependencies will be built as needed
>     default is to do everything (except rebuildmp); buildmp and buildports
>     will unmount the chroot when done
and this is happening on each and every build invocation.  Any ideas?  
Is this a known issue?


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