Request review of tickets for net/openconnect

Björn Ketelaars bjorn.ketelaars at
Sun May 31 22:40:09 PDT 2015

Currently net/openconnect is in relative poor shape. The portfile depends on an
irrelevant dependency and another dependency is not maintained. Both issues have
been addressed:

vpnc and openconnect support utun:

openconnect: use vpnc-scripts instead of vpnc:

The latter requires a new port:

Portfile for vpnc-scripts, actively maintained alternative for net/vpnc 

All tickets have been opened about 3 months ago. Is it possible to have these
reviewed and/or submitted?

Kind regards,

Björn Ketelaars <bjorn.ketelaars at>
GPG key: 0x4F0E5F21

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