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Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Thu Nov 12 01:43:56 PST 2015

On Nov 12, 2015, at 3:04 AM, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 11:37 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> On Nov 10, 2015, at 10:57 PM, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
>>> At the moment it's the lack of Trac's functionality to browse the tree
>>> and the logs that has triggered the "demand" for this.
>> That will get fixed. In asking about github, we're just trying to explore all options.
> I hope so at least. But until this gets fixed (and it might take a
> while before it does), it would be extremely helpful to have an
> up-to-date git mirror to be able to browse through the changes in a
> slightly more "user-friendly" way than with the command-line only.
> I could use
>    https://github.com/neverpanic/macports-ports
> now that you mentioned it, but that one is also not being synced
> automatically (yet).
> Clemens, are you willing to set up some (temporary) repository with
> regular updates, even if it's not perfect yet, just so that we can
> follow the changes? (I can offer to run a script for incremental
> updates on my server if there is a need for that.)

We will get the existing infrastructure back up and running soon. Please bear with us a little while longer.

> On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 11:39 PM, Sean Farley wrote:
>> Clemens Lang writes:
>>> [1] https://github.com/neverpanic?tab=repositories
>>> [2] https://github.com/neverpanic/svn2git
>>> [3] https://github.com/neverpanic/macports-svn2git-rules
>> Sounds like this is a lost cause for me, but for what it's worth, I work
>> at Bitbucket now and we could offer hosting (plus direct admin support).
> What exactly do you consider "lost" and why?

Good to know, Sean, and thanks for the offer. Would that refer only to the usual services that BitBucket offers, or additional services as well? Mac OS Forge currently provides us much more than just repository, issue tracker and wiki.

> At the moment we are (hopefully) discussing just a mirror of the code
> being put on some server, still hoping that everything will get back
> to normal. This mirroring can be done on any of the existing services
> (github, bitbucket, gitlab, ...) or even on all of them at the same
> time.
> Mojca
> (Off-topic, but: If we were discussing other services, the biggest
> problem would probably be all the buildbots anyway, and I doubt that
> BitBucket would be interested in helping out with that. Purchasing the
> necessary hardware alone would be expensive enough. We currently have
> 10 virtual machines and we could easily request 5 or more right now
> [two for 10.11, three for libc++ on 10.6-10.8, potentially another
> bunch of them for universal binaries] and two new ones each year after
> the release of a new OS. All of that has to run on Macs with
> sufficient memory, disk space and potentially more than one core per
> buildbot.)

There are currently six buildbot slave VMs, five of which run OS X (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite) and run two buildbot builders each -- one for ports, one for base -- and one which runs Oracle Linux with a single buildbot builder for base. A seventh VM has been requested for El Capitan and I've been told that should be a resource problem, it's just a matter of setting it up, which will happen soon.

Hardware for a replacement buildbot system is not a problem, if that becomes necessary.

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