Volunteer for a workshop on "setting up your own buildbot/buildslave"?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Thu Nov 12 03:54:02 PST 2015

On Nov 12, 2015, at 5:39 AM, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 2:18 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> Having all of a port's packages -- for all platforms, variants and build options -- in a single directory is nice though because it's a single directory listing to look at to figure out if a particular binary exists.
> Truth to be told it would be even nicer if we had a nice website where
> you would get all the information collected on the same site: which
> binaries exist, when were the builds attempted (with a link to the
> build) and whether the build failed or succeeded. If we had such a
> site, this argument would no longer be important.

I agree. I didn't yet put that into the new web site I'm working on, but I do want to.

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