svn commit access down

David Evans devans at
Wed Sep 2 13:42:46 PDT 2015

On 9/2/15 1:02 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Sep 2, 2015, at 2:53 PM, David Evans wrote:
>> On 9/2/15 12:32 PM, David Evans wrote:
>>> I'm unable to authorize when attempting to commit to svn.  This usually indicates a problem with the service.
>> Never mind.  It's working now.
> Ok good. I was going to say it's working for me too. Strangely, I was prompted to re-enter my password, but when I did, the commit succeeded (r139919). Additional commits (r139920, r139922, r139923, r139924, r139925) worked normally, without password reprompt. Let me know if it happens again.
Will do.

It wasn't taking the password for me either so I did something else for 20 minutes or so and then it succeeded.  I sent
the message to you rather than admin as I understand that you are coordinating with them.  The way things are going, no
need to confuse things any more than necessary. :-)  Seems like our network services at Apple are pretty fragile right
now although looks like some small improvement with the buildbots today.


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