llvm-3.7 release and OpenMP

Eric A. Borisch eborisch at macports.org
Wed Sep 2 15:34:11 PDT 2015

Would have done a ticket, but with trac down....

Attached is a patch to update to the released llvm/clang-3.7 (this comments
out the svn fetch code, removes the default +assertions, and adds checksums)

As OpenMP is one of the much discussed items that llvm-3.7 brings to the
table, I've added a +openmp variant to clang-3.7. This variants pulls in
port:libomp and sets up clang such that "-fopenmp" will use it by default.
This makes it much more likely for tools like autoconf to detect OpenMP
support. (Without the variant, openmp support is still there, but it
requires -fopenmp=libomp, which isn't in the set of standard "can we do
OpenMP" flags.) If people are supportive of it, I would suggest making it a
default variant.

Note that -I/opt/local/include and -L/opt/local/lib (assuming standard
MacPorts install location) are required with -fopenmp for things to work
and not complain about missing omp.h or -lomp.

If there is someone more familiar with clang/llvm building (of the tools
themselves), it might be interesting to consider baking in those -I/-L
flags (or move the libomp include/lib install directories so they only have
omp.h and the libomp*.dylib files and using those) so -fopenmp would "just
work." (Without the extra -I and -L)... Let me know if there is interest
and I can rework the libomp port to support this.

  - Eric
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