Issues with the portgroup python

Joshua Root jmr at
Mon Sep 28 08:52:01 PDT 2015

On 2015-9-29 01:33 , Tiago Freitas Pereira wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm developing a port using the portgroup python (called py-bob).
> Executing some tests locally, I can install successfully the port using
> the commands 
> {{{
> sudo port install py27-bob #for python 2.7
> }}}
> or 
> {{{
> sudo port install py34-bob #for python 3.4
> }}}
> However, if I do 
> {{{
> sudo port install py-bob
> }}}
> macports installs the py-bob package (python 2.7 (set as default))
> without their python dependencies (even if the python.default_version is
> set to 27).
> The portfile is attached.
> I'm not sure if I completely understood the execution flow using this
> portgroup, but as far as I understood, when the user tries to install
> the py-bob, macports redirects to the correspondent subport  (in this
> case, again, python 2.7) for the port itself and for the python
> dependencies. Am I right?

py-bob would depend on py27-bob, but you are overwriting this dependency
by using depends_lib rather than depends_lib-append. There's really no
point having py-bob depend on anything else, so you should just move the
addition of all the deps into the subports as in the attached patch.

- Josh
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