new two ports submissions, CIVL and Z3, required review

Abdulrahman Alshammari a.turqi at
Sun Apr 17 10:31:07 PDT 2016

Dear all,
I appreciate your help when I first start using macports as a port maintainer. It means a lot to me.

I have submitted two new ports called CIVL and Z3. My project relies on two of them and wish to be available for all macports users in coming weeks. I have to say that I am a beginner in writing the portfile, so please let me know for your review points.

CIVL: This is Concurrency Intermediate Verification Language. You can find more details in this link: <>. In fact, the package has a jar file that is the main thing. In regular setup, we use java -jar file.jar. I wish I have written the portfile correctly. Here is the ticket: <>

Z3: is a state-of-the art theorem prover from Microsoft Research. It can be used to check the satisfiability of logical formulas over one or more theories. More details in this link: <>. This portfile is based on Github portGroup. Here is my request ticket: <>

Please review the two port and let me know what I need more to add. I really need your support.


Note: It might appear my name as "Ziad Ali" instaed of "Abdulrahman Alshammari". 
This is an issue that I am trying to fix.

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