How to discontinue ports completely (py26 deprecation) ...

Peter Danecek peter.danecek at
Wed Aug 10 11:18:57 PDT 2016

Hi all,

In the process of deprecating `py26` subports, I am just looking at some very old python packages which were never moved to Python 2.7. It seems that in most cases there is a "good reason" why this did not occur. They are just not used anymore.

Some of these packages are deprecated explicitly upstream in favour of substitutes. Sometimes the homepage or the sources can not be found found, or are extremely outdated. So rather than just keeping them alive in Macports (by moving them to Python 2.7 even if they build), I would propose to remove them completely. 

However, how would we procede in this case, when we have no explicit replacement to indicate?
Just replace it by a stub?
Just removing it the fast way?


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