How to discontinue ports completely (py26 deprecation) ...

Lawrence Velázquez larryv at
Thu Aug 11 12:57:01 PDT 2016

> On Aug 11, 2016, at 3:40 PM, Fred Wright <fw at> wrote:
> Well, leaving something alone that's working just fine is hardly much
> of a maintenance burden.

As Josh noted, this approach is fine for CPython itself, but less so
for modules. As they work to keep their modules up to date, maintainers
can hardly be expected to support subports for Python versions that
don't build on recent OSes (although they are certainly welcome to if
they wish).

> BTW, there's some erroneous information that making code compatible
> with both Python 2 and Python 3 requires 2.7.  I have yet to encounter
> any issues with "polyglot" code per se on Python 2.6.  Anything
> earlier is definitely problematic, however.

For sure. Maintaining source compatibility between 2.6 and 3.x is
annoying but far from impossible.


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