Need to know what actions I need to take to get the following tickets resolved ...

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Wed Aug 17 02:28:59 PDT 2016


On 14 August 2016 at 00:48, Edward Maros wrote:


I see that the ports have already been committed.

But given that you are installing the same version from the same
master_sites, same homepage, same maintainer, similar configuration
options ... may I suggest looking at py-pyphant for an example of how
to handle this with several subports?

(OK, pyphant is a bit special in the sense that it also needs to
handle several python versions, so one ends up in a matrix, but I'm
sure there are plenty of other examples, it just that I remember this
one from the top of my head and the structure of ldas subport could
probably be similar.)

The advantage would be that upgrading would be "much easier", you just
change a single version number and checksums. (Maybe the version
numbers are not exactly the same, but you can overwrite version number
inside a subport as well.)

For the future: there's no need to open so many tickets for related
changes, in particular if all of those changes have to be applied more
or less at the same time. In this case a single tickets would suffice
to cover everything.


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