Goodbye Mac OS Forge, hello GitHub

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Fri Aug 19 18:24:44 PDT 2016

Yeah, no one wants Github to be the new SF. Thankfully, git helps there, we
can pick up and move anytime. Also, it's a bit less once size fits all
thing than SF. SF had everything. Github is more focused. The lack of ads
and the pay to play system makes me feel better about it.

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On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 9:04 PM, Kevin Walzer <kw at> wrote:

> On 8/19/16 8:18 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> Since 2006, Apple has hosted MacPorts on its Mac OS Forge service. In the
>> decade since Mac OS Forge was created, collaborative software development
>> platforms like GitHub and BitBucket have become very popular and
>> successful,
>> and when I was hired as Mac OS Forge sysadmin last year, part of my job
>> was
>> to evaluate whether such services could be a suitable replacement for
>> those
>> offered by Mac OS Forge. We determined that the answer was yes, and that
>> GitHub was the best choice, due to its overwhelming popularity. Other Mac
>> OS
>> Forge projects including XQuartz, CUPS and CalendarServer are already in
>> the
>> process of moving to GitHub, and the time has now come for MacPorts to
>> likewise bid a fond farewell to Mac OS Forge and move on.
> This is certainly an interesting development. I hope this works out well
> for the MacPorts project. What will become of MacOS Forge if all its
> projects migrate off it? Is Apple ceasing support for MacOS Forge?
> I understand that a lot of thought has gone into this decision, but it's
> also not hard to view one of its primary motivators--"all the cool projects
> are on Github, and it's crucial for developer mindshare"--as something to
> view with concern. Competition in this space is healthy. A decade ago
> SourceForge occupied the place in the community that Github does now, and
> there was hardly any place else to go if their site was down. One reason
> Tcl/Tk moved off SF to their own Fossil repo was because of a serious
> outage at the site that prevented commits for weeks.
> This is more of a hope that Github does not become the kind of monoculture
> that SF was than any criticism of Github--as long as Bitbucket and other
> platforms are around and still have some volume, that will help.
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