Goodbye Mac OS Forge, hello GitHub

Marko Käning mk-macports at
Sat Aug 20 08:58:17 PDT 2016

Dear Ryan,

On 20 Aug 2016, at 02:18 , Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
> I'm pleased to announce that MacPorts will be moving its source code to
> GitHub.

in general I applaud this move! Congratulations to all those involved to make
this change happen!!!

> great collaboration features such as pull requests which some of our
> contributors have been wishing for.

+1 !!!

> Hopefully, in addition to the other benefits, moving to GitHub will help
> us attract and keep new developer talent.

Yes, indeed!

> In a January survey on this list, most developers indicated a preference for
> git, or that they were happy with the Subversion client. GitHub accommodates
> both. More on that in a separate mail to follow.

Well, I voted for Mercurial, but it is unfortunately not as popular as git.

> We also considered converting to Jira or BugZilla, but in the end,
> we decided that staying with Trac is the best and least disruptive choice
> for now. We will migrate the data from our Trac installation to a new
> server, taking the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of Trac and
> make some other improvements.

Sounds like the way to go! 

> And our new buildbot automated build system announced earlier this month is
> being hosted by me on my hardware, outside of Apple, and will just need
> minor changes to monitor GitHub instead of Subversion.

On your own hardware?!? I guess this means that apart from the MLs Apple
doesn’t want any association with MacPorts anymore!? That I find sad, but
I do appreciate the support for this community driven activity through all
these years.

Well, let’s hope that MacPorts will attract more users and maintainers due
to its move to GitHub!

Thanks once again to all of ye,

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