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Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Tue Aug 23 11:22:59 PDT 2016

On Aug 23, 2016, at 7:38 AM, Craig Treleaven wrote:

> On Aug 22, 2016, at 11:21 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> Craig, until base is fixed to automatically include daemondo in pkgs when needed, can't you just add a post-pkg block that copies daemondo from the location where it was installed by MacPorts base, without needing a separate MacPorts_daemondo port?
> “post-pkg” …  I had no idea such a thing existed.  I thought ‘port mpkg’ was a command like ‘port cat’ or ‘port echo’; not a port phase.  My handy search facility (EasyFind) finds a grand total of 5 portfiles that implement such a block.
> But that is clearly a much better solution than what I have always described as a horrific hack, MacPorts_daemondo.  I’ll try to figure out the process over the next few days.  

pkg is a phase, like configure, build, destroot, it's just not one of the phases that runs unless you explicitly tell it to at the command line. Indeed there aren't many ports that augment that phase, since the defaults are enough to package most any port. And the only reason you want to augment it in your port is because of a MacPorts base bug, which is probably what we should work on fixing.

> On a related topic, PackageMaker.app is becoming very difficult to find on Apple’s Developer Connection website.  Obviously because it was replaced by pkgbuild about 6 years ago.  Is it on someone’s ToDo list to update mpkg and friends to use pkgbuild instead of PackageMaker?  I’d like to help but I lack a couple of key ingredients.  Knowledge of OS X packaging and confidence to hack base.  Either of those could be solved in time…but that is something else that is lacking for the forseeable future.  

Looks like we haven't done anything about it yet. The ticket (which I see you already found and Cc'd yourself on) is:


There's a link to a patch there, unfortunately the patch removes our existing Package Maker code and replaces it with pkgbuild code. We would want to keep the Package Maker code for older macOS versions.

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