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Wed Feb 3 10:14:25 PST 2016

Here; check this out, I wrote a script. I'm sure it could use some improvements, but its pretty solid:
The idea was to make installing `MacPorts`; more or less the same as installing `HomeBrew`. - 
Which is really quick & easy, requiring only a single line of code from an end users perspective.
Here is an example scenario:
As you can see:
> Installing `HomeBrew` :

$ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
> Installing `MacPorts` :

$ bash <(curl -fsSL "")
I understand the potential security implications of piping/redirecting a live, untrusted script directly to the shell via curl.

However; I don't feel there will be an issue if the script meets QC standards and is hosted on an official/trusted server.

Above is what I propose we do; then incorporate it as part of the official installation instructions. 
Thank you for reading.
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