Request for help/comments about patches for wxWidgets

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Tue Feb 23 23:32:54 PST 2016


I would like to have a port for KiCad in MacPorts. Upstream (= KiCad)
provides a number of patches for wxWidgets, but I don't understand
them all and would be grateful for some basic review & help from those
who might understand them, so that we can make an informed decision
about which patches to apply (and to which OS versions).

Aljaž has a Portfile for KiCad basically ready, but we would need to
fix the problems from wxWidgets first.

I opened a ticket:
and would be grateful for additional feedback, in particular about
those patches that are not yet included upstream (in wxWidgets).

(Build instructions on the KiCad website only mention five out of ten
patches, but the build scripts use all of them.)

Thank you,

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