Build Systems [Re: Software that doesn't use DESTROOT and funny tarball directories]

Daniel J. Luke dluke at
Tue Jul 19 09:33:57 PDT 2016

On Jul 19, 2016, at 12:09 PM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
>>> Considering all the various build systems we encounter in MacPorts, from autotools to xcodebuild to cmake to scons to qmake to manually crafted Makefiles, my impression is that autotools sucks the least.
>> I guess we can just disagree on that point :)
> Dare I ask which build system you prefer?

Is it OK to say I hate them all? ;-)

What I would choose to use would largely depend on specifics for the project (and yes, I've used autotools for stuff before because it was the 'least bad' choice).

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