Choice of compiler from compiler.whitelist

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Thu Jul 21 10:15:59 PDT 2016


What's the best way to blacklist all clang compilers and any old gcc?
(It's about a temporary bug mentioned in the other topic.)

Here's my attempt:

PortGroup           compiler_blacklist_versions 1.0

# blacklist any clang compiler and any old gcc (a better expression is needed)
compiler.blacklist *clang* *llvm-gcc* *apple-gcc* gcc gcc-3.3 gcc-4.0 gcc-4.2
compiler.whitelist macports-gcc-6 macports-gcc-5 macports-gcc-4.9
macports-gcc-4.8 macports-gcc-4.7

The "problem" is that MacPorts seems to always take gcc 6 then, even
if I have gcc 5 already installed, but not the gcc 6.

What am I missing here? Couldn't MP take any compiler from the list?


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