[149178] trunk/dports/audio/pulseaudio/Portfile

Mihai Moldovan ionic at macports.org
Tue Jul 26 16:46:19 PDT 2016

[resent now that I can finally send mails to the list again]

On 05.06.2016 08:14 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> Don't change it now, but why the revbump? Forcing the users to rebuild the port will not change anything.
> Had you added a new default variant, that would warrant a revbump, because rebuilding would cause users who hadn't selected that variant before to now have it selected.

Uhm, right, I haven't been thinking about that, the revbump wasn't warranted. I
probably started with it like I do most of the time and added the variant later,
then didn't backtrack. Thanks for pointing it out.

> Out of curiosity, since this variant doesn't add any dependencies, why make it a variant at all? Why not enable esound emulation all the time?

Might be premature optimization, but esound is pretty much dead, so it doesn't
make a lot of sense to compile code and install libraries that won't be needed
by most people. For instance, Debian only provides the ESD library (and some
"common" files), but no server binary or tools anymore. Other distros removed
esound even more vigorously. Plus, because the modules are not widely used,
vulnerabilities are more likely to go unnoticed.


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