platform{} statement

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sun Jun 5 07:46:01 PDT 2016

On Sunday June 05 2016 15:08:34 Gustaf Neumann wrote:

>(eg. incorporating tcl files from some part of the rsync tree). however, 
>i would NOT recommend it to allow it to the regular port maintainer, 
>since a port maintainer might not have enough understanding of the 
>consequences of such changes to other ports. This would make maintenance 
>even more difficult.

What effect could the addition of an "else" condition to the platform statement have on other ports, whether it's provided through a PortGroup (or similar) or through base? If it's done through a PortGroup the new syntax will only be available to ports including that PortGroup, and in any case the whole idea is to make a transparent change. Regular platform statements shouldn't be affected.

BTW, a PortGroup could do something like

package require MacPorts

set platform_in_base "2.3.4+i"

if {[vercmp [macports::version] ${platform_in_base}] < 0} {
   # define extented platform proc
} else {
  ui_info "The extended platform statement is in base, this PortGroup is now obsolete"


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