Request for review(s)

Aaron Madlon-Kay aaron+macports at
Tue Jun 7 20:09:47 PDT 2016


I have a number of tickets for which I'd like to request review. Sorry if
it's poor etiquette to bring up so many at once; most of them are related
to updating docker.

These two are blocking the docker-related tickets:

py-backports: Support Python 3.4

py-backports-ssl_match_hostname: Support Python 3.4

Updates to docker:

docker-compose: update to 1.7.1

docker-machine: update to 0.7.0

docker: update to 1.11.1

py-docker: update to version 1.8.1

New ports:

New port: epwutil

New port: kotlin (this one's new, so you can let it sit if you like)

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