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> I think snapd is a good point to try to start to be together. May be
> because no one tried three separate build system exists on Mac. Why waste
> people energy by supporting all of them instead of good collaboration?

Mostly because everyone starts out with the same idea of using whatever's
preinstalled or around, and gradually learns the hard way that this is a
Very Bad Idea (Fink, MacPorts, and HomeBrew all went through that phase in
that order), and by the time they got it sorted out they were too divergent.

Unfortunately that very divergence means that a common package
infrastructure between the three is doomed to running into (slightly
different forms of) the same conflicts that people run into by trying to
have the different package systems installed at the same time, where they
get tangled up in each others' dependencies and then things break when one
of them is updated.

In short: you're pushing a technical solution to an
administrative/political issue. This NEVER works.

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