PortGroup python 1.0 guidance

Mojca Miklavec mojca at macports.org
Sat Jun 18 12:45:11 PDT 2016

On 18 June 2016 at 00:40, Sterling Smith wrote:
> Ed,
> Could it make sense to divide up the project into a python part, and a non-python part as two ports?  Just a thought.

I cannot answer for this particular case, but this is indeed a problem
that many Portfiles circumvent by hardcoding or redefining exactly the
same variables (which is really ugly). And in many cases it makes
absolutely no sense to do any split, or the split doesn't solve


> On Jun 17, 2016, at 12:44PM, Edward Maros wrote:
>> I am working on a project that provides an interfaces to several
>> scripting languages. One of these is Python. I have been working on
>> using PortGroup python 1.0 to provide all the correct values for the
>> python variant requested. The most notable is python.pkgd.
>> The unfortunate side effect of using the python PortGroup for my
>> project, is that I need to redefine all of my build, make, and install
>> rules since my project isn't a pure python extension.
>> Is there a way or could the python PortGroup be modified such that via a
>> flag it could only generate the extended variables?
>> Thanks,
>> Ed

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