New portfile for xdrfile

Giovanni Bussi giovanni.bussi at
Tue Jun 28 06:39:07 PDT 2016

Dear macports developers,

I would like to upload a new portfile to macports to compile the xdrfile
library. I opened a ticket here:

Xdrfile library can be used to read and write trajectory files in binary
format compatible with the gromacs molecular dynamics software.

Additionally, xdrfile library is a prerequisite for compiling plumed (see, a software package to analyse and bias molecular
dynamics simulations. I am one of the developers of plumed, and I plan to
contribute a portfile also for plumed later on (preliminary portfiles can
be found here:

I am becoming familiar with portfile syntax right now, but I would be happy
to act as a maintainer for both xdrfile (submitted) and plumed (to be
submitted) in the future as I am routinely installing and using these
programs on my mac.

According to the instructions here ( I am sending an email to
this mailing list.

With my best regards,

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