[MacPorts] #50311: gmt5: build fails on Mavericks: error: conflicting types for 'dsyev_'

Takeshi Enomoto takeshi at macports.org
Fri Mar 18 23:31:55 PDT 2016

Dear Josh,

Thank you for your reply.

> However the reporter is building with +universal, which you can see later in the log means x86_64 and i386.

I didn’t notice this.

> All compilers will define __LP64__ if and only if compiling for a 64-bit target. This is correct.

This means that __LP64__ is not defined for a 32-bit target.
If the machine is 32-bit, long int, which is 32-bit is selected.
But long int is 64-bit on 64-bit machine and this caused an error.

I set universal_variant no to solve the problem.

Thanks a lot.


Takeshi Enomoto
takeshi at macports.org

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