Help needing adapting home-brew formula?

Rainer Müller raimue at
Mon Mar 28 16:27:54 PDT 2016

Hello André,

please keep the mailing list always in CC (use Reply All), so everyone
can read your answers.

On 2016-03-27 03:56, André-John Mas wrote:
>> On 26 Mar, 2016, at 20:58, Rainer Müller <raimue at
>> <mailto:raimue at>> wrote:
>> So far we are using the shell script included in the tarball for these
>> steps. I am not sure we are passing all required variables there and it
>> is a quite unusual approach.
>> I gave it a quick shot and attached an updated Portfile and patch to the
>> ticket you created. The resulting binary seems to work for me.
> If it is acceptable we can start with this diff file and then move on to an
> improved approach as another step?

I guess we can use this. It would be the same way to build this software
as is used right now.

I committed my patch:

>> However, libmediainfo and libzen are actually standalone libraries. When
>> done properly, they should go into separate ports. That would also solve
>> this problem of running multiple configure/build/destroot steps or using
>> this shell script.
>> In my opinion, separate ports would be the better packaging for
>> mediainfo, although there will probably be no other dependents for
>> libmediainfo or libzen. Nevertheless, this would also remove complexity
>> from the Portfiles as they would use the common configure and make
>> targets.
> The fact these are only used by one project made me hesitate in requesting
> a new port made, but if it is an accepted approach I can open a issue for
> this.

Yes, please open a new ticket for this. Feel free to add me to CC, as I
am the one who suggested this change. Of course anyone is free to take
and work on it, as this would not be complicated and only requires the
common Portfile writing to split this into multiple ports.


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