html and postscript viewer

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Wed Mar 30 18:28:07 PDT 2016

On Mar 30, 2016, at 8:21 PM, Kevin Walzer wrote:

> On 3/30/16 9:11 PM, Mark Brethen wrote:
>> Culculix CGX is setting a default html (firefox) and postscript (gv) viewer. For mac users, they recommend changing ‘gv’ to ‘preview’ but give no recommendation for a browser. I thought I’d ask here whether to keep it firefox or change it to something else? Safari?
> /usr/bin/open will launch the user-defined default browser and image viewer for the system, with no further configuration on the developer's part required.

/usr/bin/open is not necessarily suitable. For example, I have configure my system so that if I `open` a .html file, it opens into my text editor, because I frequently edit html files. However, if another program is trying to open a web page, then I want that web page to open in my web browser, not my text editor.

My openbrowser program solves this problem by opening the given file in the system configured web browser, not the program associated with .html files.

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