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On Sat, Oct 8, 2016 at 4:27 PM, Chris Jones <jonesc at>

> What concerns me is the statement that in this migration to github, github
> and trac are kept completely separate, with no automatic linkage, but still
> contributors are expected to use both.

What I heard was that, due to time constraints, it will initially be kept
separate while people figured out what tooling was needed and the best way
to proceed. (Also note that they're already looking at Trac/Github
integration plugins, and something useful may turn out to be easy to add to
improve Trac integration. Possibly something like catching new GHI tickets,
copying them into Trac, and closing the GHI ticket with a link to the Trac
ticket.) But it will probably happen at some point, because GHI is pretty
much the minimum they can get away with and provides no sane way to work
with something more capable aside from a handful of hooks that don't even
provide the ability to remap ticket references. :/

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