Issues with oudated ports / GitHub

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Oct 8 18:45:43 PDT 2016

Please, everyone, stop. We are keeping our Trac issue tracker; this has been decided. We will not use GitHub issues at this time because it does not have the features we need. We will move our code to GitHub because it has been requested by many users over the years and will help attract new developers. We have already moved our web site news feed to GitHub Pages and may make use of other GitHub infrastructure over time. macOS forge was being shut down, so it was necessary for us to move anyway, and this gave us the incentive to make the jump to git and GitHub. We have not yet defined, any we are attempting in conversations on this mailing list to figure out, how we will work with GitHub. We will not deliberately introduce obstacles that make contributions difficult. We will automate cross-linking between GitHub pull requests and Trac tickets. Thank you.

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