Documentation overhaul

Marcel Bischoff marcel at
Sun Oct 9 09:33:41 PDT 2016

On 16/10/09, Ken Cunningham wrote:
>On 2016-10-09, at 6:53 AM, Marcel Bischoff wrote:
>> there appear to be quite specific views on how everthing here needs to be
>This is true, and it doesn't take long to notice -- but over 20,000 ports hang tight together and almost all of them work all the way back to Tiger. And that is no accident.
>So there are big payoffs to a guiding hand. And there are ready teachers around here who know an awful lot.
>Maybe that is part of what the new kids will need to see and absorb as

Especially regarding the last point I'd suggest adding a short
introduction explaining those things concisely as to help newcomers
understand why things are like they are.

As I am kind of new around here (but don't cosider me a kid), maybe my
experiences with questions regarding The Way It Is(tm) can help here.

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