Issues with oudated ports / GitHub

Clemens Lang cal at
Sun Oct 9 14:53:39 PDT 2016


On Fri, Oct 07, 2016 at 09:13:11AM -0500, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> Regarding updating pandoc, see
> Regarding updating ghc, see
> Regarding old llvm on Sierra, see

As a follow-up on the whole GHC vs. LLVM (and thus Pandoc) topic: In the
past, we packaged a subset of GHC and Haskell ports that did not match
the versions in haskell-platform. Feedback back then was that we should
stay with the haskell platform, so we did.

For this reason, I cannot simply update GHC without updating
haskell-platform (unless we want to re-visit this decision). I have the
update of GHC and the platform ports to version 8.0.1 [1] done, expect
for stack [2]. Haskell Platform without Stack seems less useful, since
Stack is supposed to become a de-facto dev environment management tool,
if I understand things correctly. Unfortunately, stack has a gazillion
dependencies we haven't packaged yet, at which point it makes little
sense for me to attempt to write all those Portfiles by hand. So either:
 - a group of people splits the work
 - generation of haskell portfiles needs to be automated
I'd welcome help with both. Let me know if you know a Haskell or two and
want to help out with the latter.



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