reasons for `port provides` not working?

Clemens Lang cal at
Mon Oct 10 08:29:18 PDT 2016


----- On 10 Oct, 2016, at 16:49, René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at wrote:

> Either way, this shouldn't have any incidence on file-to-port lookups.
> Either:
> - /opt/local/foo/bar is registered as such and a look-up of that path succeeds
> - /opt/local/foo/bar is actually /what/ever/foo/bar, registered as such, and
> thus a look-up of the resolved path succeeds.

It's debatable whether it shouldn't. It does.

> Good thing I didn't ask you specifically then...

You're asking the list, and I'm sure others may have the same impression.

> In fact, in absence of proof that my use of a symlinked $prefix explains
> everything I won't assume that that is the culprit.

Well, let me lawyer you with your own mail from 2014 then:
Your attitude of "unless you can proof it's me, it's you" isn't helpful. I've
had enough of it.

Clemens Lang

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