gcr requires gtk to be installed with +x11

David Evans devans at macports.org
Mon Oct 10 13:20:25 PDT 2016

On 10/10/16 12:58 PM, Johannes Kastl wrote:
> On 10.10.16 21:51 David Evans wrote:
>> Because gcr requires +x11 and you had gtk3 +quartz installed for
>> gimp2 +quartz
> I figured this much. But why was it suddenly listed as a dependency
> for gimp2+quartz?
>> Why?  gcr is a dependency of epiphany but not (now) of gimp2.
>> gimp2 no longer depends on epiphany so it doesn't depend on gcr
>> either.  Just ignore gcr.
> When did this change? I tried earlier today and had no chance...

Yesterday. r153733 removed the run time dependency on epiphany from gimp2.
Perhaps you need to update your ports?

sudo port selfupdate

>> Try this (to deactivate any conflicting +x11 ports that were
>> dependencies of epiphany)
>> sudo port deactivate active 
>> sudo port install gimp2 +quartz
>> Works for me.
> JFTR, the first line deactivates all active ports? huh?
Yes, this is over kill but it makes sure that you don't have
any spurious +x11 dependencies of epiphany laying around to bite you.

For instance gnome-desktop is another dependency of epiphany that
requires +x11.  In fact, it's what brought gcr in.

epiphany -> gnome-desktop -> gcr

But you could do this instead, I guess.

sudo port deactivate rdepof:epiphany and active
sudo port install gimp2 +x11

Anyway no need to install gtk3 +x11 unless you really want to for
other reasons (and it will conflict with gimp2 +quartz of course)

> Johannes
> P.S.: Thanks for your help!

No problem.  I'm just not communicating well today.

Best, Dave

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