gcr requires gtk to be installed with +x11

David Evans devans at macports.org
Mon Oct 10 20:51:15 PDT 2016

On 10/10/16 6:52 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Oct 10, 2016, at 15:23, Johannes Kastl <mail at ojkastl.de> wrote:
>>> On 10.10.16 22:20 David Evans wrote:
>>> Yesterday. r153733 removed the run time dependency on epiphany from gimp2.
>>> Perhaps you need to update your ports?
>>> sudo port selfupdate
>> I did, but maybe I got a stale mirror. Anyway, I'll try again.
> You get whatever mirror you have specified in your macports.conf file. The Seattle mirror is stale; the others update several times a day. 
>>> Yes, this is over kill but it makes sure that you don't have
>>> any spurious +x11 dependencies of epiphany laying around to bite you.
>> Should I not activate them again after that?
> Johannes, you should re-activate any other ports you actually want to use. 
Slowly and carefully so you can see when something causes a problem with the ports that are already active.

> Dave, telling people to deactivate all active ports to fix a gimp issue is probably not ideal, because although it may fix the gimp issue, it will also deactivate any other ports the user was using. At least, not without explaining that to the user.

The point here was not to fix a gimp issue. That has already been done. The point was to help remove all the
unintentionally installed conflicting wreckage that was caused by including the dependency on x11-only epiphany and it's
dependencies without having to figure out what they all were.  None the less, I DO recommend it as a way of cleanly
switching between an +x11 test environment and a +quartz one on a single machine.

> Johannes, the reason for Dave's suggestion is that you really need to make the choice about whether to use x11 or quartz before you have installed any ports. Trying to change that decision after you have already installed ports will lead to problems. This situation is somewhat muddled by the fact that some ports (like cairo) can be installed with both variants simultaneously, and that a few ports (currently only VLC, VLC-devel and libVLC, I think) default to quartz instead of x11. 

Yes, but in the VLC case, I believe +quartz doesn't mean build using the GTK Quartz backend but an aqua build using
strictly macOS native API's.  Probably not a completely proper use of +quartz. And then they have a Qt version, too.

More problematic is that not all ports that support x11 also support quartz, so even if you decided you want to use
quartz, you may find you want to install a port that only works with x11, and trying to do so will cause problems.

Indeed.  This is where you just have to make a choice.

> See the thread going on now on the macports-users list for more on this situation. 

Ryan, thanks for trying to help describe a very complex issue. I'm going to get serious about documenting the specific
issues involved so that others like Johannes can get a better idea of what's going on.


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