Building for 10.5 i386+ppc on 10.6 x86_64

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Wed Oct 12 02:36:14 PDT 2016


A while ago we got a bug report about problems building Perl on 10.6
x86_64 for 10.5 i386+ppc

To what extent is (or should be) this supported?

I remember that I tried to cross-compile clang/libc++ on 10.6 x86_64
for 10.5 ppc, but I gave up at some point because many ports do "if
this is darwin 9" rather than "if this is meant to build files for
darwin 9" and I would have to modify too many ports to get the desired
outcome. This is of course a different kind of problem, but still.

(Un)related question: the ticket is currently assigned to me. What's
the best way to say something like "happy to accept any patches, but
unable to actively work on it"? I miss a trac status to indicate that.
I simply don't want to keep giving false impression that I'll actively
try to fix the problem while. At the same time I *really* don't want
to close the ticket with a "sorry, we're not interested" attitude. I
would find it useful to get this working, I just don't have the
resources to investigate too deeply.


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