Dependencies that depend on installed ports/variants

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Thu Oct 20 00:23:58 PDT 2016


Trac seems to be down for me at the moment.

I switched most of the ports to perl5.24, but there are some ports like
- cpuid
- docbook-utils
- pcsc-tools

that do just
    PortGroup           perl5 1.0
    depends_build       port:p${perl5.major}-foo
without specifying the perl version to use anywhere.

In theory this sounds nice – no changes (other than revbump) needed
when the perl version changes. On the other hand the user may have a
different version of perl variant installed locally than what's the
current default in our repository and the revbump might not always
correspond to the time when the variant is changed on the user's

So a question: should I just revmubp these ports or should we specify
the version of
perl that should be used for dependencies?

Apart from that: are there any objections to removal of the +perl5_22
variant from perl5?


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