Moving to GitHub: Status Update, Action Required

Lawrence Velázquez larryv at
Mon Oct 24 10:15:25 PDT 2016

> On Oct 24, 2016, at 12:50 PM, Mojca Miklavec <mojca at> wrote:
>> On 21 October 2016 at 20:12, Clemens Lang wrote:
>> Action Required: GitHub Accounts
>> ================================
>> Our new Trac installation will use GitHub for login. If you do not have
>> a GitHub account yet, please create one now at
>> To help us match your previous contributions and Trac tickets to your
>> GitHub account, please go to
>> and ensure that you have added and verified all email addresses you have
>> used for MacPorts Trac.
> Is that true also for any other email we used prior to becoming
> committers?


> Can new emails be added later?

Yes. If you add a new address to your GitHub account later, you should
sign out of Trac. When you sign back in, references to that new address
will be switched over within minutes. (That is to say, the migration
occurs continuously and not just when you create your NewTrac account.)

> How exactly does it work when people enter multiple emails? (Judging
> from, say #37017, I guess that whenever I was assigned as the owner of
> the ticket with my old pre-committer-email, that would now be replaced
> with my github handle.)

That's right. Your NewTrac account takes over references to all email
addresses listed on your GitHub account.

> (not?) related to the above question: One thing I'm confused about is
> that whenever I'm listed as a reporter or in CC, my name would be
> replaced by all the three data (my macports handle, my full email, my
> github account), while the tickets where I'm the owner only contain my
> macports email. Tickets where the owner has been assigned later
> contain full info about that owner. I didn't investigate too closely
> yet.

Can you provide some examples? In all three situations (reporter, owner,
Cc), I see only my GitHub username and real name. Likewise, for users
who have created a NewTrac account, I see only their GitHub username and
optional real name. (If they haven't created an account yet, their email
address is listed.)

> May I suggest creating a clone of the port repository on GitHub (in
> whatever state it is now) and let it serve as a playground for testing
> different strategies of pushing, using pull requests, merging,
> properly rebasing, merging several commits of a pull request together,
> editing pull requests by non-committers (when a pull request needs
> just a tiny bit of fixing: will that be one commit or original commit
> + edits by "committer"), ...
> It would help a lot if we had at least some idea how we want to
> proceed after the official switch. And some "grace period" to test
> what we want to do and what we want to avoid. Some playground for
> people that are new to git & and github wouldn't hurt either.

I'm not sure it's necessary to host such a sandbox repository in the
macports organization. The "macports-ports" repository
( already contains
a stale version of the ports tree; you can fork it and play around with
it as you wish.


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