Moving to GitHub: Status Update, Action Required

Clemens Lang cal at
Mon Oct 24 15:57:46 PDT 2016


On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 12:17:57AM +0200, Marko Käning wrote:
> A description of how exactly one would rebase (potentially squash and
> history-rewrite) a submitted PR onto current master should be on our
> WorkingWithGit wiki page.

the easiest approach is just clicking the button that does this on
GitHub. Of course there's also a way to do it from the command line.

> At the moment it is not very clear to me how a MacPorts committer
> would actually deal with a pull request submitted by a port maintainer
> to the central repository. But I’ve got to admit that I haven’t read
> much more than our wiki page up to now. There are surely more details
> in GitHub’s help...

Part of the problem here is that we're not exactly sure either. We'll
just see how it goes for the first few PRs and then define the rules as
we see what works for us.


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