Compiling dnsmasq with dnssec support?

Johannes Kastl mail at
Sun Oct 30 01:15:24 PDT 2016

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Hi all,

I just tried to get dnssec working with dnsmasq, but I found no way
to compile it with DNSSEC via macports (i.e. there is no variant

I tried to create a variant (in my local repository), which sets
- -DHAVE_DNSSEC in the COPTS list, but during compilation it never got
used and thus dnsmasq does not start as soon as dnssec-related
options ( appear in the
conf file.

I then created a patch, put it into the files folder, and told the
portfile to use it:

> patchfiles      patch-src-config.h.diff \ 
> patch-src-network.c.diff \ patch-src-config.h_DNSSEC.diff

And now it seems to compile and does start with dnssec-related stuff
in dnsmasq.conf.

If I understand the config.h correctly, using COPTS should work,
alas in my tests it did not...

Question 1: Is it possible to use different patchfiles-statements,
depending on the variant?

Question 2: Is it possible to add another patch in one variant?

Question 3: Is there any reason why no +dnssec variant exists? Or
why dnssec is not enabled by default (as long as the dnssec stuff is
commented in the dnsmasq.conf it should not interfere, I guess)?

Kind regards,
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