[macports-ports] 01/04: qtkeychain: build out of source

Marcus Calhoun-Lopez mcalhoun at macports.org
Sun Dec 3 14:37:31 UTC 2017

I am not aware of any reason why cmake 1.1 PG can not be used.
It was simply used in the original commit [1].

The resulting builds are different, however.
For example in qtkeychain-qt4, the cmake file
QtKeychainLibraryDepends-macports.cmake is installed instead of
This seems to intentional ([2] vs [3]).

Further, the cmake 1.0 PG has a fairly recent change that I assume
should be applied to the cmake 1.1 PG as well [4].

What is the policy for the cmake 1.1 PG?
Use it unless there is a very good reason not to?

Sorry for the long reply to a short question, but I only know the
basics of cmake and do not fully understand the differences between
the two portgroups [5].

[1] https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/commit/441422b2dd33940dd39a779eb385ad720fa52736
[2] https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/blob/5d800fea139882eaf12171af1b96bfef686df4f6/_resources/port1.0/group/cmake-1.0.tcl#L75
[3] https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/blob/5d800fea139882eaf12171af1b96bfef686df4f6/_resources/port1.0/group/cmake-1.1.tcl#L88
[4] https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/commit/92ebb1f1652b7fdf2b7542832b4593b18acc7d8e
[5] https://trac.macports.org/ticket/52699

On Sun, Dec 3, 2017 at 12:41 AM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org> wrote:
> On Dec 2, 2017, at 10:13, Marcus Calhoun-Lopez wrote:
>> Marcus Calhoun-Lopez (MarcusCalhoun-Lopez) pushed a commit to branch master
>> in repository macports-ports.
>> https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/commit/e12355262540398d3ea36eb78af3b4b6876fa480
>> commit e12355262540398d3ea36eb78af3b4b6876fa480
>> Author: Marcus Calhoun-Lopez <mcalhoun at macports.org>
>> AuthorDate: Sat Dec 2 09:02:41 2017 -0700
>>     qtkeychain: build out of source
>> +cmake.out_of_source yes
> Any reason not to instead switch over to the cmake 1.1 portgroup, which defaults to building out of source?

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