does cmake really need to blacklist macports-clang >= 3.8?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sat Dec 9 10:30:28 UTC 2017


Looking at the latest port:cmake I see that it blacklists port:clang-3.8 and higher via compiler.blacklist . I have the feeling that this shouldn't be necessary except when you're going to install both the intended compiler and cmake from scratch and from source.

- if you already have a previous cmake version but not (say) clang-5.0, the compiler should configure, and evidently it should install just fine from the binary package.
- if you already have the compiler installed it won't require cmake itself, and port:cmake ought to configure just fine.

This is not (directly) a dependency issue that affects the PortIndex so maybe it's possible (and acceptable) to wrap the compiler.blacklist statement in a test expression? I can figure out the former, the latter a bit less ;-)


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