does cmake really need to blacklist macports-clang >= 3.8?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Dec 11 00:38:44 UTC 2017

On Dec 9, 2017, at 15:02, René J.V. Bertin wrote:

> On Saturday December 09 2017 11:35:07 Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>> The main concern behind this thread was that building cmake would become impossible using a recent clang, esp. using clang 5+ with its new features that don't compile with older versions.
>> Why is it necessary to attempt to build cmake with recent clang?
> AFAIU it's necessary at least on older systems that don't come with libc++.

I don't really want to respond to this thread further, other than to state yet again that the cmake port already works correctly, after much laborious work and trial and error. It uses a compiler that correctly compiles the code on the given OS version. I'm not interested in continuing to debate what-ifs about the situation that at best won't change that fact.

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