Addressing Port submission failures on Travis

Sterling P. Smith smithsp at
Thu Dec 21 06:51:43 UTC 2017


Your commits should not be completely lost.  Check out 

git reflog

to see if you can find your lost commits.


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> I didn’t create a branch for the pull request.  That was my first mistake.  Then
> rebasing confounded the issue.  But after repairing my fork and moving  the
> pull request commits to a branch,  I made a third mistake:  I didn’t change the
> MacPorts pull request to reference the new branch prior to reseting HEAD to
> before the commits. In doing so, I appear to have lost both the pull request
> and the corrections provided by Frank Schima and Mojca Miklavec.  Sigh.
> Hopefully the lessons will stick, at least.  Thank you everyone for your help!
> -AM

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