Fix Sierra Trac query

Jan Stary hans at
Tue Dec 26 13:22:33 UTC 2017

On Dec 26 01:47:11, raimue at wrote:
> > The confusion of also having names of cats and mountains
> > for the old releases will eventually die out as they get older.
> I doubt so, since Apple always introduced a codename for each release.
> What makes you think they would stop this?

I don't mean that Apple will stop inventing these names
(my bet is on rivers next, except Amazon of course).
I mean that we won't have this problem if we stop using them.

> > Is it because the tracker's querry cannot distinguish
> > between ^sierra$ (as in grep -w) and "sierra" as a substring?
> Apparently, yes. The search for "sierra" will match "highsierra", as it
> contains the substring and there is no filter to match whole words only.
> See Trac upstream:

That's nine years old, with "low" priority.
Does anyone belive it's going to happen?

Come to think of it, are here any opinions among the MP devs
whether to stay with trac at all? Now that we can send PR on github,
it would make sense to also use the github tracker. (Obviously, that
would be a vwry nontrivial move).


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