Re: Python 2.7 – allow another db version beside 4.8

Vincent Habchi vince at
Wed Dec 27 10:56:53 UTC 2017

On 25 Dec 2017, at 20:30, Jan Stary <hans at> wrote:

> Generally, I tend to let the port/package use any version,
> unless there is a specific reason for some specific version.
> For example, if a port requires Python, then I consider
> _any_ installed python to satsfy this requirement,
> unless there is a reason it has to be python36 (or whatever).
> What is the right way to state this in a Portfile?

I’m not sure. You could use a file dependency instead of a port one, assuming every version installs the same set of files.

Also, you can write a script that uses the TCL instruction glob to find out what version of a file is installed, given that the filename is composed of a stem and an extension that varies according to the version. If there’s no file, then you can decide to install whatever default version you deem fit.

But I’m not 110% sure it’s standard practice though.

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